Old sarees converted into fancy designer kurtis

Convert Your Old Sarees Into Sterling Designer Kurtis

Nowadays, ethnic garbs, especially kurtis are absolutely dominating the fashion trend. The extremely popular and trendy kurtis are present in every woman’s wardrobe collection in some latest designs and patterns.

Undoubtedly, you already have some of the best kurti designs and styles, but why not try something unique to create designer kurtis? Well, yes, you can easily convert or reutilize your old sarees to make designer kurtis.

Do you have old and ordinary sarees in your wardrobe? Then it’s the right time to take out those sarees and recycle them into something creative and designer.

Here are some ideas to convert your old sarees into designer kurtis in the latest patterns and designs.

1. Front Slit Kurtis

Girl wearing Front Slit Kurti made from old saree
Front Slit Kurtis

The prominent and gorgeous front slit style kurtis are simply perfect for fashionista women and girls. Nowadays, every other girl is searching for front slit or side slit style kurtis on online stores and markets to keep their ethnic fashion game on point.

If you have cotton or any style of chiffon saree already in your closet, then take them out and create front slit styles kurtis either with the help of a tailor or if you are already a pro, then you know what to do.

If you already have printed chiffon sarees, then it’s definitely perfect to reuse it to craft designer front slit kurti easily.

2. Frock Style Kurtis

Girl wearing Frock Style Kurti made from an old saree
Frock Style Kurtis

The easy to make and craft are super comfortable and flared frock style kurtis. Frock style kurtis have been dominating the fashion trends for a year or two.

However, they are still in the latest fashion trend because of its comfort and style. Basically, it’s a one-piece style dress, which is absolutely pertinent for the parties and wedding occasions, right?

To make beautiful and ravishing frock style kurtis, you can either choose to pick your old and rugged kanjeevaram saree with a heavy border or a heavily embroidered kurti. These two are simply perfect to convert your old saree into frock style kurti.

3. Kaftan Kurtis

Girl wearing Kaftan Kurtis
Kaftan Kurtis

The Kaftan style kurtis looks great on every woman and the best part about these super stylish kurtis is that they are perfect for the summer season.

Without even thinking twice, you can go with the classy and elegant kaftan kurtis for perfect casual wear. If you have geometric prints, floral prints or any other style of digital prints in your old sarees, then what are you waiting for?

Take them out and create your own elegant and comfortable to wear kaftan kurti. The prominent plus point is that you can wear these super modish kaftan kurtis on vacations as well.

4. Peplum Style Kurtis

Girl wearing Peplum Style Kurtis
Peplum Style Kurtis

Do you have peplum style tops or blouse in your closet collection? Well, then you must check out the distinctive and mesmerizing styles of peplum kurtis.

The wide variety of peplum kurtis can easily be paired with the sophisticated and comfortable to wear dhoti pants, Patiala Salwar or with denim/jeans.

To design your own peplum kurti, you can create it from the silk or cotton fabric material sarees. Either silk or cotton, these two are a great choice of fabric material to craft unique and elegant peplum kurtis on your own.

5. Side Slit Kurtis

Side slit kurtis designs
Side Slit Kurtis

The side slit kurtis can easily be made from any style of old saree. Whether it’s pure cotton or chiffon fabric material, you can easily choose to create your own classy and super sassy side slit kurtis in a distinguishing style and variations.

To conclude, these were the top and best 5 designer and stylish kurtis, which can easily be made by reutilizing your old and rugged sarees.

You don’t have to buy the next best trend every other day to be fashionable. Sustainable fashion is the need of the day and these tips will help you in your journey of minimalism just like mine.

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