• Non-comedogenic: You can find this written on a lot of products nowadays. Oh! It’s non-comedogenic, it won’t clog your pores, you should definitely buy it if you have oily skin.

The comedogenicity of the product or its ingredients depends upon your skin’s chemistry and people with sensitive skin are affected by it the most. An ingredient that clogs my pores, might work well for you. As I said, it’s about how your skin receives such ingredients and every skin is different. Just because it says non-comedogenic on the label doesn’t mean it won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin.

The FDA doesn’t have a list of non-comedogenic ingredients and there’s no such organization which can verify the company’s claim that their product is non-comedogenic. So any brand can go out and put that label on their products. Try out different products to find what’s best for you.

  • Intimate hygiene wash: I have no idea what purpose does it serve! The instructions clearly say “Apply externally to intimate areas” but then claims to “maintain pH of internal intimate regions” What? If I am not even supposed to use it there then how…? Nevermind. Fun fact: Vaginas are self-cleaning and capable of maintaining its pH! What does it even do that a mild soap and water can’t? I have never been this clueless about anything in my life, except my future. Unless you have some infection and your doctor recommends it, you don’t need this stuff.
  • Hand Creams:

    I don’t understand the reason behind spending so much on hand creams. And why do we even need them? Aren’t they just moisturizers packed in small tubes with a high price tag? Your regular body lotion/ butter moisturizes just fine so why not use that instead of shelling out money for hand creams.

    If your concern is portability, you can always buy the smallest size of your favorite body lotion available or just transfer some amount to an empty tube and toss it in your bag to use whenever you need it. If your lotion works fine for your entire body, it’d work great for your hands as well. Funny thing is, some hand creams are more expensive than body lotions which have a larger quantity.

  • Smokey eyes and winged eyeliners: I love smokey eyes and I love winged liners but when both are done together, it doesn’t look pleasant to me. Smokey eyes are so beautiful and mysterious and there’s a lot going on with plenty of colors being used and blended out to give you those sensuous eyes. Imagine blending out every second to create such seductive smoked out eyes where all the colors are combining together and then there’s a sharp winged eyeliner! It disturbs everything, makes me uncomfortable. Sharp winged liners look great on its own or when you’re using a single color or neutral shadows. It lifts the eyes, giving you the appearance of perfect feline eyes.

But since a lot of people are doing such smokey eyes + crisp wings looks and are being liked so there might be something good about it. Definitely not my cup of tea!
These are my opinions and it’s not necessary for you to agree with them. I have a lot of subjects like this to write on so do let me know if you want me to continue on such topics as well or just stick to more pictures less text.
Thank you for your time 🙂

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