Monthly Empties

Monthly Empties- August 2018

Hello! After months, I’m uploading an empties post in time which makes me genuinely happy because I’ve been neglecting my blog ever since I moved out. Anyway, let’s quickly review my trash and see what all I might repurchase! Also, if you’ve done an August Empties post recently please drop your link in the comment.… Continue reading Monthly Empties- August 2018

Project Pan 6 Skincare by June Finale
Project Pan, Skincare

Project Pan – 6 Skincare by June | Finale

Hello everyone! I started a Skincare Project Pan a few months where I picked up 6 skincare products from my stash and tried to finish them off or get a good use out of them.  If you haven’t read the post before then check it out now to have an idea of where I started… Continue reading Project Pan – 6 Skincare by June | Finale

Monthly Empties April 2018
Monthly Empties

Beauty Empties – April 2018

Hello! It’s a new month and time for another monthly empties post where I will go through my beauty empties from April. Yes I know it’s June so I should be doing May empties post. But I had my final year exams then and I couldn’t get time to do an April empties so thought… Continue reading Beauty Empties – April 2018