Star Struck Lipstick Caramello Review

Star Struck by Sunny Leone Lipstick Review | Caramello

Star Struck Lipstick Review

Hey there! In February, I cheated a little on my 6-month makeup no-buy and placed an order for the Glamego Subscription Box. Inside the box came, 2 skincare products and 2 lipsticks; one of which was the Starstruck by Sunny Leone Lipstick in the shade Caramello. The lipstick is quite hyped because of its association with the star Sunny Leone. But is worth the price? Maybe, not. Read on to know why I think you should just skip it.

Price: ₹799 for 4.2g
Availability: Nykaa and Suncity site. I’ve frequently seen it go on 50% off.

My Thoughts on Star Struck by Sunny Leone Lipstick

The only reason behind getting this subscription box was the Star Struck lipstick because I adore Sunny Leone! I wouldn’t have bought it at the full price and the box was a nice opportunity to try this lipstick.

Star Struck Lipstick Texture
Star Struck Lipstick in Caramello | Review


The Star Struck lipstick comes in a cuboidal-shaped packaging with a matte-finish surface. Its cap shuts with a click and the packaging is decently sturdy. The shade name is mentioned at the bottom. This lipstick comes enclosed in a black-coloured cardboard box that mentions all the shade and ingredients details.

Texture & Smell

It’s a crème finish lipstick that gives a beautiful, moisturized feel to your lips. It glides on smoothly but this particular shade, Caramello, fails to cover dark, pigmented lips. A lighter lip colour doesn’t mean it can’t give intense pigmentation. I adore the Wet N Wild Give Me Mocha Lipstick because of the gorgeous colour pay-off it has despite the fact that it’s a nude coloured lipstick.

You can see the pigmentation on my lips peeking through the lipstick in the picture below. The actual shade is slightly darker and you can see its swatch in the next image.

Star Struck Lipstick Caramello Demo

The Star Struck lipstick also has a mild vanilla scent to it, which is something I don’t prefer for my sensitive nose. However, the smell fades away with time and just a little hint of it remains. And that isn’t detectable.


The shade Caramello totally justifies its name. It’s a light burnt orange shade that reminds you of Caramel. But this shade is very unflattering on me or anyone from medium to dark skin tone. The very fair girlies might pull this off but I’d say there are better burnt orange/ pumpkin/ Caramel-like shades available at a lower price and quality.

Star Struck Lipstick Caramello Lip Swatch
Star Struck Lipstick Caramello | Lip Swatch


The lipstick bullet has a pointy, curved tip that helps to get a precise application and even reach the corners of the lips. This creme-finish Star Struck lipstick applies beautifully but doesn’t cover pigmented lips well. They are also not transfer-proof but that’s how crème-finish lipsticks are. As the hours go by, the lipstick gives more of a demi-matte to matte feel but still is very comfortable on lips.

Star Struck Lipstick Caramello Swatch

Staying Power

It stays for a good 4-5 hours with drinking and very light to negligible snacking. But, as soon as you have a proper meal, it’s all gone. I don’t know if it’s the same across all the shades, but this one doesn’t leave any tint behind. All I can see is some burnt orange colour on the linings of my lips and my original lips inside that boundary. Not the best view, I know!


The Star Struck by Sunny Leone is like any another crème-finish lipstick but overpriced. The particular shade Caramello will suit only fair skin tones and people who don’t have pigmented lips. The high price is obviously due to the fact that the lipstick is from a makeup line by the oh-so-gorgeous star Sunny Leone. But sorry, I couldn’t love and adore it as much as I love Sunny, or even a quarter of it. If you get it in a subscription box, then it’s fine. But go for the shade Sugar Plum as it’s more wearable and looks flattering on various skin tones. Don’t bother buying it standalone.

Why You Should Buy Starstruck Lipstick by Sunny Leone?

  • Comfortable on lips
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Decent staying power for a crème-finish lipstick

Why You Should Avoid Star Struck Lipstick by Sunny Leone?

  • Expensive for what it offers
  • Caramello is an unflattering shade for medium to darker skin tones.
  • Not for pigmented lips

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Star Struck by Sunny Leone Intense Lipstick in Caramello


  1. i thought it looked nice until i saw it applied.
    what acontrast in color!
    not a fan of orangey tones.
    thanks for the warning on this brand.
    its logo looks like Givenchy.
    great review!

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      I never noticed the similarity between the logos until you pointed out! And oh god? The shade does look pretty on the bullet and even swatches but what a dud when you actually apply it 🙁

  2. I can see how this shade wouldn’t work for everyone, but I truly love this color! ?

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      It does look beautiful on swatching but I’m just not lucky enough for it to work on me. However, I am looking for a burnt orange lipstick that’d look great on me. Let me know if you have a suggestion!

      1. I love orange searches but they don’t look good on me either lol! I feel like they make my teeth look yellow! ?

        1. Rifat Yaseen says:

          Haha same! They do make teeth look yellow.

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