Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask

Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask

I got this Green Tea Face Mask sample by Skin Yoga from Smytten (A platform which provides free product sample) and I was sold on the packaging! How often do you see brands put so much effort and thought in the sample products?

Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask

Packaging: The packaging deserves some attention so let me walk you guys through it. It The Face Mask is inside a small glass jar with a cork on it which is enclosed in a little wooden box. The entire package gives you such earthy, natural vibes which is what defines the brand.

The sample has 5.6g of product.

Price: ₹1,750 for 50g.

Product Description:

Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask Description

How to use:

How to use Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask

Texture: Now coming to the product, it is green in colour, in powdered form and is to be mixed with water to apply. On mixing, the paste is a bit granular so they work as mild exfoliators while washing off.

The product smells of henna leaves. It’s not too strong but for someone like me who has a sensitive nose, it’s there but doesn’t bother you.

My Experience: I have used it thrice. I noticed that it made my skin smooth, if you move your fingers across it, you won’t feel the bumpy texture. But that is the case with most of the face masks I have used.

It did calm my acne (They recently came out of nowhere, probably because of the heat and humidity) and give me clear skin. But I didn’t notice any major changes which could justify the price tag because ₹1,750 ($26 approx.) is a lot for 50g of product!

Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask Application

The picture is of the first time when I used it, I didn’t dissolve the powder properly. It becomes a smoother paste on the application when dissolved properly using lukewarm water. It isn’t as grainy as it looks in the picture.

Conclusion: While I do not doubt the efficacy of the product, the results don’t justify the price. There are equally good, if not better, face masks out there at one-fourth of its price. I will not buy the full size but if you still want to give it a try, you can always get a free sample and see if you like it enough to spend such a large amount.

I’d rather just skip it and move on to other face masks because there are a lot!

You can check out another face mask I reviewed which is very pocket-friendly and works just fine here.

Have you tried it before and how did it work for you? Do you have some suggestions for affordable face masks? Let me know 🙂

Thank you for reading! 🙂

9 Replies to “Skin Yoga Green Tea Face Mask”

  1. Adorable packaging is always a plus in my book ? The glass bottle with a cork in it is really cute. I love how green the mask is as well

    1. Thank you! The mask is completely organic which is a huge plus. And i’m dying about the packaging, it is so cute❤️

  2. I cannot get over how cute the packaging is! So sweet considering it was a sample and they took the time to make it look adorable.

    1. Me too, girl! Never going to get rid of this bottle. ? It’s so thoughtful❤️

  3. I think the price is cause its 100% natural. I have done my share bit of research and the quality of ingredients are rare in other brand. Thnak you love the review

    1. Hey! Yes I know, it’s very difficult to make 100% organic things, hence the price point. But I didn’t get much results, so I didn’t find it worth investing in. Not everyone has such spending power 🙂

  4. The packaging is so cute! loved this !

    1. Rifat Yaseen says: Reply

      Hey Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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