How to shave face for women

Face Shaving For Women: How To, Do’s & Don’ts

Face Shaving For Women!

Before you continue to read about the Do’s and Don’ts and How To about face shaving for women, I want to mention that this post is only for women who have been wanting to start shaving their face or switch from waxing to shaving and are conflicted whether to give it a try or not. It is not a necessary thing to do and it’s absolutely okay if you don’t want or feel the need to do it.

Now let’s go ahead and read everything you need to know about shaving your face!

Benefits of Shaving Your Face

  • Shaving makes makeup application much more smooth.
  • Also, your bare skin looks more fresh and bright. It also exfoliates your skin, gets rid of dead skin cells.
  • Don’t have to bear painful waxing and threading sessions.
  • Way cheaper than waxing.

Myths About Shaving Your Face

‘Shaving face for women’ is one of the trickiest topics around and is associated with many myths. Just because we see that men have thick beards and they shave, we’re quick to jump into the conclusion that shaving the face will make us women get beard like men. Here, I’ll be addressing a few myths or questions you might have around shaving your face.

1. Hair will grow thicker.

No, it won’t. If you have noticed the shape of hair strands; it’s thicker at the roots and becomes thin gradually. When we shave, we are cutting off the hair over the surface, hence exposing the blunt, thick edge. That’s why it looks thicker when it starts to grow but becomes normal afterwards.

2. Hair will re-grow faster.

No, it won’t make hair re-grow faster than its natural rate. But yes faster than when you wax your face.

When you’re waxing, you’re uprooting the hair so it takes more time to grow. But waxing is painful, really painful.

And I don’t see the point of bearing so much pain when you have alternatives but you’re too afraid to try just because of a few myths.

3. I will grow a beard like men

Unless you have a high level of testosterone (male hormone), that’s definitely not going to happen. Women have naturally fine facial hair. It will grow back to the way it was.

4. What about ingrowths?

Ingrown hair is the ones that get stuck under the skin when it grows out.

Keep exfoliating (scrubbing) your face, shave in the direction of the hair and disinfect your razor after every use. You’ll be fine. I haven’t experienced ingrowths yet.

Face shaving for Women
Face shaving for Women

Please don’t use the regular razor you use for your arms and legs. Their blades are quite sharp and you’re going to cut yourself. Also, it isn’t easy to reach every corner of your face.

The eyebrow razors are your best bet.

These are disposable razors and you can get 3-4 uses out of each, won’t cause any nicks or cuts as they are not very sharp unless you really put pressure and want to cut yourself. 

Price: approx ₹200 (comes in a set of 3)

The price varies often times on Amazon. It’s fixed at ₹200 on Nykaa and can be found on discount for around ₹150 during frequent sales.

How to shave?

  • Prep your skin by cleansing it first and pat it dry. 
  • Use a facial oil or gel on your face to give it some slip. This will make the razor glide smoothly.
  • Pull skin taut and go with small strokes by placing the razor at an angle of 45 degrees, do NOT place it perpendicularly, else you will cut yourself. Shave in the direction of hair growth.

It is true that going against the direction of growth gives a closer shave but it might cause ingrown hair.

  • After you’re done, rub ice for a few minutes. I tend to use the By Wishtrend Propolis Ampoule after that to soothe my skin and get rid of the redness.
  • Disinfect the blade after you’re done and place it in the case provided. This is absolutely important if you’re going to use the same razor again.

I do it once a month or maybe twice, but it depends on your hair texture and density.

How to shave face for women

Things to Consider Before Shaving Your Face:

  • If you have PCOS/PCOD, go for waxing instead of shaving, unless you are okay with shaving frequently, since the hair growth is pretty frequent and thick.
  • If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test first. Don’t do anything that will cause sweating during the first few hours, it might lead to bacterial infection.
  • Try to be as careful as you can be while doing your forehead, any negligence and chances are you’re going to cut your brows off.
  • You can use it on any part of your face, for peach fuzz, upper lips hair, brows, sideburns, anything and everything!

Please try not to go over the same area more than once with the razor to avoid irritation of any sorts.

I have been shaving my upper lip and sideburns for a long time and the growth is the same as that in case of threading. And if you have met/seen me, I haven’t grown a moustache like men.

So go ahead give it a try! 🙂

What’s your preferred method of facial hair removal?

And if you have made up your mind and want to give shaving a chance, buy Tinkle Eyebrow Razor from Amazon, Nykaa or Miniso.

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How to shave your face


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  2. geniussr says:

    good post.. quiet informative. didn’t know much about it before as never went for shaving my face.

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you like it xx

  3. I suffer from PCOS. so sadly I can’t use this alternative… glad this shaving doesn’t create coarse hair growth…?

    1. Ah yeah it’s not the best alternative for people with PCOS… 🙂 Thanks for your response:)

      1. no problem ??

  4. I’ve never tried shaving my face, but I’ve heard it’s really good for your skin ? This post was really informative! xx

    1. You can maybe give it a try some day 🙂 Thank you so much!❤️

  5. OMG! so informative thanks girl! been wanting to try this but I’ve been so scared!

    1. Thank you so much! ❤️ You should definitely give it a try, there’s no harm 🙂

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