Purple Glambag Review – March 2018

Tried my first subscription box this month with Purple Glam Bag. This box was launched earlier this month and I was quite sceptical of getting it because I couldn’t find any reviews. But they were very patient with my queries.


It is a well-curated box and comes with a pretty makeup pouch. The products are mostly sample size except for the Wet n Wild and Color Workshop ones. You can try the products and purchase the full size of whichever product you like.


Purple Glambag March 2018 Products


Price: 499 per month.


Products I received are:

  • Purple Essentionaturals Shower Gel

  • Biobloom Body Lotion (Lavender)

  • Wet n Wild Megaglo Cheek and Lip tint in shade ‘Flirt On The Street’

  • The Color Workshop UK Lip Gloss

  • Earrings

  • First Bud Organics Green Tea


Purple Essentionaturals Green Apple Shower Gel: This is an organic shower gel with a very mild fragrance of green apple which disappears soon after you wash it off. It has a gel-like consistency and green colour. If you love the fragrance-free stuff, definitely get this one. Cleanses thoroughly without drying skin out and you won’t need a moisturizer afterwards unless you have very dry skin.

MRP: 288 for 50 ml


Purple Essentionaturals Green Apple Shower Gel


Purple Essentionaturals Green Apple Shower Gel Texture



The Color Workshop Lip Gloss: This is the only product I’m not really happy with. It is shimmery and I like glosses which provide a sheen. Most probably will be using it up as a highlighter. The packaging isn’t good either, the cap doesn’t shut properly. This brand usually offers a huge kit with a lot of products inside, mostly for teenagers who are just starting off with makeup but is not available in India. Go for their eyeshadows or bronzers, if you get an option to choose. But I think they select it for you. I have attached the swatch. If you like lip glosses with shimmer then it’s a good option for you.


The Color Workshop Lip GlossThe Color Workshop Lip Gloss Swatch



Wet n Wild Cheek & Lip Tint: An option was given to choose between Wet N Wild’s MegaLast lipstick, lipgloss, and this tint. I chose the tint and it’s probably my favourite product in the bag. If you want a good red lipstick then choose the MegaLast lipstick, they are of really good quality. I have enough reds and I don’t use them a lot. The shade is called ‘Flirt On The Street’ (7803). It is a subtle mauve-pink shade. It doesn’t offer “Mega”glo as the name suggests. But I still like it for the shade and sheen it provides to my cheeks, a very natural glow. You can easily skip a highlighter. People with dry skin would love it. Stayed on for 4 hours after which it faded on my oily skin.


Wet n Wild Cheek & Lip Tint

Natural light

Wet n Wild Cheek & Lip Tint Swatch


Wet n Wild Cheek & Lip Tint Swatch (in flash)



Biobloom Body Lotion in Lavender: This is loaded with antioxidants and free from Parabens, Formaldehyde, Sulphates, and Petrochemicals. It has a very mild lavender smell, lightweight and absorbs very quickly into the skin. A good summer moisturizer. The larger size comes with a pump and this small one has a screw cap. Again no annoying fragrance which lingers the entire day. The mild fragrance disappears a few minutes after you apply it.

Biobloom Body Lotion in LavenderBiobloom Body Lotion in Lavender Texture & Swatch



Rest is a pair of beautiful earrings and a green tea sachet. But who’s going to use it in face packs instead of drinking it because she doesn’t like anything healthy?

The bag they provided comes in beige colour and is quite pretty. You can never have enough makeup pouches and then makeup to fill those pouches and some more pouches because you ran out of space. That’s one vicious cycle.

Definitely, try it out if you’re into subscription boxes or beauty products 🙂

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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  2. […] was a sample sized product I received in my March Purple Glambag. It’s really difficult to like body lotions when you’re in team body butter, but this body […]

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