Review of Pixi Peel and Polish

Pixi Peel & Polish Review – Worth The Hype?

Pixi Peel & Polish Review

While I am diligent when it comes to regular skin exfoliation, there are times when you can barely double cleanse, let alone perform an entire skincare routine. We all have those times and one of those moments is exactly when I tried the Pixi Peel & Polish for the first time. 

The results were instant and I found my reason to include it in my regular skincare routine. Check out the review to know how the peel & polish performs and whether it’s an ideal choice for you.

Product Description

This radiance revealing enzyme peel resurfaces for smoother, softer skin and a healthy-looking glow.

Price: INR 2,400 (USD 24) for 80ml

Availability: You can buy it on Sephora’s website and stores. (India) 

How to use Pixi Peel and Polish
Product Details

Key Ingredients & Benefits

Lactic Acid (6%) – A gentler AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) that sloughs away dead skin cells, speeds up cell turnover and stimulates cell renewal. Basically what you’ll get is a brighter complexion, as well as smoother and softer skin.

Papaya Fruit Extract – A protein-digesting enzyme that breaks the bonds holding the dead skin cells together to improve skin texture.

Cellulose Peels & Sugar Extracts – Physical exfoliants that polish the skin and lift away dullness.

My Thoughts On Pixi Peel & Polish

If I had to summarize my experience with peel & polish then I’d say it is a gentle exfoliator and is amazing for people who aren’t ready to invest a lot of time daily when it comes to skincare.

However, if you’re used to potent acids, feel free to invest your money on something like The Ordinary AHA + BHA Peeling Solution or Drunk Elephant Baby Facial.


Packaging and Texture of Pixi Peel amd Polish
Packaging and Texture

The peel & polish comes in a classic, very pixi-like pastel green cap and deep peach coloured tube packaging. The opening of the tube is small so you have control over the amount of product dispensed through it.

The back of the tube mentions product details and directions to use and you can get the ingredients list and similar details on the outer cardboard box.

Texture & Smell

The Pixi Peel & Polish has an easy to spread, gritty texture and is peach in colour. The tiny granules are physical exfoliants that will help slough off the dead skin cells and “polish” your skin.

Pixi Peel and Polish Texture

I’m not a big fan of the smell and it’s very difficult for me to describe it – the only words I have are “weirdly fruity”. If you’ve ever gotten a fruit facial or cleanup at a salon, it might smell familiar to you — it’s just not great.

How to use Pixi Peel & Polish?

As per the directions, take the required amount of product and apply it to dry and cleansed face & neck. Leave it on for 2 minutes to let the enzymes activate and rinse off. For a more intense polish effect using your fingertips, gently massage face and neck in a circular motion.

The formula of Peel & Polish is quite gentle for someone like me who has a good experience with potent exfoliants. So instead for leaving it on for 2 minutes, I extend the time till 5-7 minutes and it gives me better results.

While the sugar granules aren’t supposed to be too harsh, it feels like its lightly pricking my cheeks so I do not massage my entire face while rinsing — and only do it very, very gently on my nose to get rid of the texture. You can use it twice a week.

Pixi Peel and Polish
Using Pixi Peel and Polish

Then, I follow up with a good hydrating & calming serum like the By Wishtrend Propolis Drops and a lightweight moisturizer. On days, I use the peel & polish, I avoid any other exfoliants in my routine to avoid the risk of over-exfoliation.

If you’ve just started to use this product, try with 2 minutes till your skin builds resistance and then gradually increase the time up to 5 minutes. And since the product contains an AHA which increases photosensitivity, make sure you don’t forget SPF.

Does the Pixi Peel & Polish Work?

Pixi Peel & Polish is gentle yet effective stay-at-home peel that combines chemical exfoliation (lactic acid) with physical scrubs (sugar extracts) & enzymatic action (papaya extracts) to give you a smoother, refreshed and glowing skin.

Whenever I use the peel & polish, it gives me smoother and softer skin but is it something that I haven’t experienced with other products? Hear me out.

I have tried quite a few instant-fix exfoliators, some are more affordable than Pixi and some aren’t but those are all quite potent (with a high concentration of acids up to 32%) and not for everyone. And this is why I consider Peel & Polish to be a more universal, might-suit-everyone type of product for those who are looking for a quick-fix for their face.

Review of Pixi Peel and Polish
Review of Pixi Peel and Polish

Please keep in mind that you don’t use it or at least scrub it over the areas where you have acne. If you’re constantly struggling with acne, going for a BHA exfoliant might be more beneficial for you.

I still swear by The Ordinary one and you can read my review on The Ordinary 2% Salicylic Acid Solution to know how it worked on me. 


If you’re looking for an exfoliating mask that would give you a softer & brighter complexion instantaneously then you should definitely give Pixi Peel & Polish a try. The brand is cruelty-free and makes some amazing skincare and makeup products. This product is a quick skin-fix that’s not too potent/ strong and would work for almost all skin types.

Why You Should Buy Pixi Peel & Polish?

  • Cruelty-free
  • Sleek, Travel-friendly packaging
  • Gives softer & smoother skin
  • Makes skin look brighter
  • Amazing combination of physical & chemical exfoliants
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Exfoliates the skin

Why You Should Avoid Pixi Peel & Polish?

  • Added fragrance
  • Scrubs prick my skin while massaging
  • Smells weird

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  1. Shreeya says:

    I really wish i had your knowledge of skincare! It’s all too much for me ? but i absolutely loved this review. Idk why but peels kinda freak me out so i might try the ordinary AHA BHA Peeling solution soon. ?

    1. That’s soo sweet! I wish I had your makeup skills, tbh. The ordinary one is too strong so it’s better to start with the Pixi peel & polish 🙂

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