NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Eyeshadow Palette

NYX Perfect Filter Eyeshadow Palette Rustic Antique Review

Warm-toned eyeshadow palettes attract me the most! These colours suit my tanned complexion the best and can be used to create several looks. But getting the right one in a sea of eyeshadow palettes is not an easy task!

If you’re looking for a perfect warm-toned palette from the drugstore that’s cruelty-free, you need to keep scrolling this page.

Because in this post I am reviewing one of the most gorgeous eyeshadow palettes in my collection – The NYX Perfect Filter Palette in Rustic Antique.

I’ll talk about each shade present in the palette, how to use them, swatches and makeup looks for some inspiration.

Review NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Eyeshadow
NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Eyeshadow

Price: INR 1500 (US$20) for 17.7g 

Availability: You can buy it from Nykaa (India). I’ve often seen this one on 50% off so keep an eye during sales.
It’s available both offline and online in almost every country!

My Thoughts on NYX Perfect Filter Eyeshadow – Rustic Antique

NYX is one of my favourite cruelty-free brands from the drugstore. And their Soft Matte Lip Creams have been my go-to liquid lipsticks for quite some time. So when I got the chance to try their eyeshadows, I was quite over the moon!

The NYX Perfect Filter eyeshadow palettes are available in 5 different shadesGloomy Days, Marine Layer, Golden Hour, Olive You and Rustic Antique; the latter 3 are available in India.

I got Rustic Antique (as a PR sample last year) which has the perfect blend of rust and orange neutrals with matte and metallic finishes.


The NYX Perfect Filter eyeshadow palettes come in a very basic plastic pan that has a transparent lid. The 10-pan palette is sleek but doesn’t come with a mirror or a brush.

NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Ingredients Contains Carmine

The brushes provided with most drugstore eyeshadow palettes are of no use so that’s definitely not an issue for me. The pans are quite big and all the products details are mentioned on the back.

*Contains Carmine, not vegan or halal.


All the shadows are pigmented and have a soft texture. They didn’t feel dry to me unlike the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette that had pigmented shadows but very dry formula.

Some shadows are slightly powdery and result in fallout but they’re not chalky or patchy. All of these can be layered and built up to the desired intensity.

NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Palette Texture

The shimmers in the shadows aren’t chunky instead they reflect beautifully!

If you’re going for a heavy look, it’s better to do the eyes first due to the fallout issue. But if you’re doing a regular eye makeup using 1-2 shadows then it’s fine to do the eyes after base.

NYX Rustic Antique Palette Shades

The Rustic Antique palette has 10 warm-toned shades that basically scream fall!! If you have warm or neutral undertones, the colours will suit you perfectly.

It’s got oranges, browns and golds which makes it quite a versatile palette that can be used for regular eyeshadow looks as well as heavier party makeup.

NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Eyeshadow Shades
Rustic Antique Shades

None of these shades have individual names so I’ve numbered them for you.

Shade 1: An off-white shadow with a soft matte finish. It blends well and can be used to set the lids and even as a lid shade or to highlight brow bones with a matte shadow.

Shade 2: A matte-brown with mauve undertones, this can be used as a crease shade. It’s soft, pigmented but needs to be built up and easy to blend.

Shade 3: A very light brown that can be used as a transition shade. This matte shadow doesn’t really show up on my brown skin but people with lighter complexion can use it as a crease shade too. For deeper skin tones, this is perfect to blend in the shadows.

NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Eyeshadow Swatches
Swatches: 1-10 (left to right)

Shade 4: The most gorgeous shade in this palette is this metallic gold that’s pigmented, soft and has got a soft texture. Use it all over your lids or even as an inner corner highlight!

Shade 5: A beige eyeshadow with a frosty finish and is perfect for inner corner and brow bone highlight. It can be used on lids as well and has a soft, pigmented formula.

Fairer skin types can double it as a face highlighter but it looks too icy on medium, tanned and deeper skin tone.

Shade 6: A peachy orange that is a matte shadow infused with golden sparkles. The base matte could’ve been a bit more pigmented for it to be used all over the lids. But a very gorgeous colour nonetheless.

Shade 7: This one’s a muted matte orange that works as a perfect crease, transition shade. I have used this all over the lids and it still looked gorgeous! Love how it shows up on my tanned skin tone. It’s not too creamy but easy to layer and blend.

Shade 8: It’s a rustic copper shade with a metallic finish. The shadow is creamy, pigmented and looks beautiful! It’s got a gold flip and is very similar to the shade Louie from Colourpop Yes Please Palette.

In fact, the entire NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique palette has a vibe similar to Colourpop’s Yes Please Eyeshadow Palette.

Shade 9: This deep brown shadow has the finish similar to shade 6, matte infused with sparkles. Everything about it is great except for the fallout part which is troublesome.

Shade 10: This is a cranberry shade with a satin finish. It’s not deeply pigmented at least not how it looks in the pan. The texture is soft and buildable, however, this had the most fallout.

Powders will have fallout and you can’t avoid that but some shades cross the fine line. And these last 2 shades are a perfect example of that. You have to be careful with these two when you’re building up the intensity.

Makeup Looks

Here are some of the eye makeup looks I created using the NYX Perfect Filter Palette in Rustic Antique:

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Budapest
Eye Makeup Look with NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique
Eye Makeup Look

Staying Power

The shadows stay for a good 5-6 hours without fading on my oily lids. I don’t use eyeshadow primers generally. But I tend to prime my lids with concealer and set it with powder before starting with eye makeup.


The NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Eyeshadow is a great drugstore warm-toned palette at an affordable price. It does have a few issues like fallout, not a very sturdy packaging, etc but none of them are too major to give this palette a miss.

The pan size is huge and the colour story is beautiful. It can be used for various eye looks but I’d still recommend you to buy it during the sale time.

Why You Should Buy NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Eyeshadow Palette?

  • Perfect warm-toned palette
  • Pigmented shadows
  • Buildable colours
  • Versatile palette
  • Good staying power
  • Not patchy
  • Colours show up on all skin tones
  • Cruelty-free

Why You Should Avoid NYX Perfect Filter Rustic Antique Eyeshadow Palette?

  • Not vegan
  • Packaging is not sturdy
  • Deeper shadows have significant fallout

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