My 2019 Beauty Goals

My 2019 Beauty Goals

Hey there! A new year has arrived and everyone is making their resolutions or life goals, I thought I’d do something of that sort too. But since I’m The “Beauty” Wonk, I thought to tweak it a bit and come up with a list of my “2019 Beauty Goals“.

Last year was insane! I’ve grown as a person last year, had some crazy splurges, unsuccessful no-buys and developed an interest in cruelty-free beauty. And these are all the things, my ‘2019 Beauty Goals’ is about. I shortlisted and clubbed a few points that I could think of and came up with this list. I hope you enjoy reading it!

1. 100% Cruelty-Free Beauty Stash

This year I got to know a lot about cruelty-free beauty and its importance. Throughout my blogging journey of 10 months, I’ve vouched for cruelty-free makeup and skincare. I’ve literally stopped buying non-cruelty-free makeup, no matter how great the deals are, for the past few months.

And I wish to have a 100% cruelty-free makeup & beauty collection by the end of this year. This is my top goal and I’d be the happiest if I achieve it!

Beauty Goals Capsule Collection
Beauty Goals

2. Do a 6-Month Makeup No-Buy

I won’t be buying any makeup starting from January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019. This applies only to makeup, not skin/ body/ hair/ nail products. I have two reasons for this.

Firstly, I did a 3-Month no-buy recently which worked out okay-ish. I did break it and bought some stuff due to whatever reasons. *Shameless plugin* You can read about all the things I bought during my no buy HERE. Even though the no-buy wasn’t very successful, it helped me limit the number of products as well as the money I spend on makeup.

The second reason is I want to get some good uses out of my makeup collection. For someone whose daily makeup routine includes pressed powder and a neutral lipstick, I own a lot more. So I’d want to give my shopping spree a break and utilise what all I have.

For this, I’ll be putting a check on my calendar every day I don’t buy any makeup and I hope it helps me continue this no-buy!

3. Play With More Makeup

I recently realized that my blog had a lot more skin care and very less makeup. Having more skin care made sense because that’s what I use on a daily basis. But since this is not just a skincare blog, I want to include more makeup stuffreviews, how to’s, looks – anything.

This goal aligns with my previous one of the 6 months no-buy. As I’ll be busy playing with my existing makeup collection, it’d be easier for me to resist the temptation of buying new makeup.

4. Do Monthly Makeup Baskets

Another goal of mine is to start doing monthly makeup basket where I’ll shop a few products from my own stash and use them throughout the month. Every month I’ll be rotating the products to make sure that I’m able to get to use everything from my collection. Here’s one I uploaded yesterday on my Instagram:

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Happy New Year! ?This year you'll be seeing a lot of different types of content from me and one of them is "Monthly Makeup Basket". ▫️ What is that? Basically, I'll be shopping my stash (choosing a few makeup stuff from my own collection) every month and use only those stuff on a regular basis. ▫️ Purpose? Every month I'll be rotating the products so that I'm fully able to utilize what all I have and enjoy them. This wouldn't just help me in using all my products but make me fall back in love with my collection and hopefully help me to minimize splurging. I'll try to include more non-cruelty free products as and when I can because I really want to use them up and have a 100% cruelty-free collection by the end of this year.? ▫️ January Basket: Non cruelty-free items – 4, Cruelty-free items – 5 ▫️ You can check my instagram stories to see why I've put these products in my basket and I'll be saving them in my "Makeup Basket" highlight. If any of you want to join, be my guest. ? Let me know if this is something that interests you and we will all do it together. To a newer and better year.? . #shopmystash #monthlymakeupbasket #monthlymakeup #crueltyfreeblogger #crueltyfreemakeup #thebeautywonk

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I’ll be doing this as IG post only because there’ll be lots of product repetition and blog posts would become redundant. This goal is in sync with my above two goals and all these steps combined will help me achieve my next goal as well.

5. Capsule Collection

As you might have noticed, the entire blog post revolves around me trying to use up what I have and avoid splurging. Hence, my 5th and the last goal is to have a Capsule Collection by the end of this year.

By Capsule Collection, I mean to have a small makeup and beauty collection. Here, I’d want to have one product in each category or say, one colour in each category (lipsticks, eye pencils, etc.)

Playing with makeup, doing no-buys and monthly baskets would help me in achieving this minimalist beauty collection. And I wish that it’s all 100% cruelty-free.

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2019 Beauty Goals


I’m very content with this list of 2019 beauty goals. All my goals are correlated which makes it a bit easier for me to achieve them.

That’s all for my 2019 beauty goals. I hope that by the end of this year, you guys will see me doing a successful update of my goals!

Is there any goal that you can relate with or want to achieve? Let me know and we can do it together!


  1. Love the idea of a no-buy makeup time! Seems like a great way to cut down on spending! 🙂

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      It surely is! let’s see how it goes 🙂

  2. I have some very similar goals this year for my makeup collection. I have just decluttered my makeup and I am only buying to replace used up items. I am determined to focus on quality rather than quantity this year.

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      Same with me! I’ll minimize my collection and buy slightly expensive ones that I’ve been avoiding for some time.

  3. LOVE this post! Especially the idea of the no makeup buy and and the monthly makeup baskets! Really clever ideas, I might adopt these myself because I have so much makeup that just sits unused!

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      Thank you so much! Hope to see you do this and we all fall back in love with our existing collection 🙂

  4. that would be amazing to not purchase any make up for 6 months, i don’t think i could ever do that x

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      Even I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to do it but it’s definitely something i NEED to do! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Love the idea of beauty goals, I want to play with more colours this year xx

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      I’m definitely diving into makeup and different eyeshadows! Hope we both achieve it 🙂

  6. I love these beauty goals! I definitely can’t wait to play more with makeup in 2019

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      Same here! Lots of makeup and utilizing collection. Thank you 🙂

  7. Hope you achieve your goals! I need to do a shopping ban for myself but mostly for books! 😛

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      If it increases your intellect, it’s not a waste of money 😛

  8. These goals are so good! I hope you manage to achieve them, and I will definitely try to aswell, especially the cruelty-free idea! Xx

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      Thank you so much! To achieving our goals this year ?

  9. I love this post!✨ Quite a few of your goals are things I’d love to achieve in 2019 too? I hope you manage to achieve them?

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      Thank you so much! Hope we all achieve it together ?

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