Lakme nine to five lip and cheek colour review

Lakme 9 to 5 Lip and Cheek Color Review in Rose Touch & Crimson Silk

Don’t we all love long-wearing liquid lipsticks that provide matte coverage? But often times it’s a trade-off between comfort and longevity. Either you opt for a very matte lipstick that can survive an apocalypse or make do with the one that provides comfort but barely lasts a few hours OR pay some extra $$$ to find the one that offers everything (Because, same!)

I received these Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Color from Nykaa and Lakme some days ago and I think I’ve found some good drugstore, cruelty-free lip colors that would provide you everything. (well, almost)

Price: INR 625 for 9g

Availability: You can buy these on Nykaa, Amazon or Lakme stores (offline).

Lakme nine to five weightless lip and cheek colour
Lakme 9to5 Lip and Cheek Color Review

Product Description

Say ‘No’ to touch-ups with this perfect for office wear, Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Matte Lip and Cheek Color. Lakme’s first lip and cheek color come in a mousse texture that’s weightless, giving a powdery matte finish to lips and a soft blush to your cheeks. Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Matte Lip and Cheer Color is ideal for daily office wear adding charm and lasting long. Its dual benefit makes it a high functional product for the busy and on the go working woman. Its Looks and feels weightless because of the lightweight formula. Since it’s a mousse texture, it absorbs well giving an intense color that long-lasting. The applicator brush glides on seamlessly making is east to apply and giving a smooth and even finish.

My Thoughts on Lakme 9to5 Lip & Cheek Color

Lakme is a household name in India and it’s definitely a mom-favourite makeup brand. When I received these lip and cheek colors, I had average expectations but they completely blew me away with comfort and pigmentation! One thing I wasn’t wrong about – they do have a sweet vanilla scent.


The Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Mousse lipstick comes in a standard, sleek liquid lipstick packaging. The component is opaque with the rose gold cap and the shade name is mentioned at the bottom of the lipstick tube.

If you own multiple shades from this range, you’ll have to refer to the text in the bottom to pick out the right shade which is a minor flaw. Apart from that, I like the packaging.

Lakme nine to five lip colour applicator
Packaging – Applicator

The applicator has a pointy tip so you can be precise on the edges and corner. There’s a hole in the sponge applicator which helps you take more product in just one dip. The lipstick comes enclosed in a rose gold cardboard packaging.

Texture & Smell

These Lakme lip and cheek colors have a mousse-like texture and they spread beautifully. Don’t expect liquidy formula because this is a lip “cream”.

The smell is very strong, sweet vanilla-like which is the biggest turnoff for me. It takes a good 20 minutes to fade.


The Lakme weightless matte mousse lip and cheek colours are very pigmented and you don’t need more than one layer on the lips to get opaque coverage.

For blush, 2 dots on each cheek will give you gorgeous flushed cheeks. I love NYX SMLC because of how comfortable they are but they lack pigmentation and need layering. With Lakme, you have to do a full coat properly and go on with your day.


Lakme nine to five weightless matte mousse Rose Touch and Crimson Silk
Crimson Silk (Top), Rose Touch (Bottom)

Both the shades have cool undertones and would suit every skin colour out there – fair, medium, tanned, dark!

1. Rose Touch

This is a cool-toned mauve shade that actually looks great on every skin colour and undertone out there. It’s a very sophisticated lip colour that you can wear daily to the office, college, school or when you just want a neutral lipstick on your lips.

Since I have mauve-toned lips, this lip colour looks natural even when it has faded. I think I’ve found my perfect mauve lipstick shade!

Lakme nine to five lip and cheek colour rose touch swatches
Lakme Lip and Cheek Color – Rose Touch

As a blush, it looks the best on with just 2 dots but you might have to play with the quantity depending on your skin colour.

2. Crimson Silk 

This is a true red lip colour with cooler undertones that will, again, look great on every skin tone. You don’t need more than a layer for evenly pigmented lips.

As for blush, one dot on each cheek is enough and it blends beautifully. Since it’s a deeper shade be careful when you’re using it as a blush because you can easily overdo it and face issues while blending.

Lakme nine to five lip and cheek colour in crimson silk swatches
Lakme Lip and Cheek ColorCrimson Silk


The lipsticks glide smoothly on the lips and give an opaque finish in one coat, this is the case with at least the two shades, ‘Rose Touch & Crimson Silk’, I’ve tried. Give these a few minutes initially to set to a matte finish. 

I’ve worn these for an entire day and neither of the shades made my lips Sahara dry or crumbly. They’re one of the most comfortable drugstore liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. And the comfort is very comparable to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams but the Lakme lipsticks stay longer.

If you have very dry lips, these might not be the best for you so make sure to exfoliate and moisturise your lips. As the day passes, they do start to dry up and get on the lip lines but won’t make your lips look like b—hole.

Lakme Lip and Cheek colour in Rose Touch
Wearing Rose Touch on Lips and Cheeks

When you use these as a blush, be quick and do one cheek at a time because they dry down very fast. It sets to a matte finish on the cheeks too so you won’t get that “heavy and tacky” feel especially if you have oily skin.

These lipsticks aren’t completely transfer-proof but you won’t find them leaving a stain at every object they touch. It’s somewhere in between and with a little tissue paper-blotting powder trick, you can make it non-transferrable.

On application, none of the Lakme lip and cheek colors caused bleeding or crumbling of the lip colour. But the shade ‘Crimson Red’ looks cakey and thick if you layer it.

Lakme nine to five Weightless Mousse lip and cheek color in Crimson Silk
Wearing Crimson Silk on Lips, Eyes and Cheeks

Staying Power

Both the lip colours, Rose Touch and Crimson Silk, stay all day (7-8 hours) with little fading from the inner centre of the mouth if you have proper meals. I am very impressed with the longevity of these lipsticks, they totally justify the words “9 to 5”.

As a blush, both the shades stayed for 4-ish hours and then faded on my oily skin. I tried to use the red shade ‘Crimson Silk’ as an eyeshadow but it creased in an hour or so even after setting with powder.


If you’re looking for pigmented liquid lipsticks that have a long staying power and comfortable, non-drying formula, you should give the Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Color a try. However, if sweetly scented lip products are not your thing, feel free to skip these.

Why You Should Buy Lakme 9to5 Lip and Cheek Color?

  • Comfortable on lips
  • Non-drying
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used as a blush
  • Highly pigmented
  • Cruelty-free
  • Sleek, non-messy packaging
  • No bleeding
  • Transfers very less
  • Doesn’t crumble

Why You Should Avoid Lakme 9to5 Lip and Cheek Color?

  • Very sweet fragrance

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