LA Girl Concealers Medium Beige and Orange Corrector

LA Girl Concealers in Medium Beige & Orange | Review

LA Girl Concealers Review

This concealer restored my belief in concealers! Today I’ll be reviewing LA Girl Concealers in the shade Medium Beige and Orange. The latter is a colour corrector which is used to correct deep under eye circles or dark spots. I bought these concealers a while ago and have used them well enough to write a review and show you guys how it performs; coverage, lasting power, creasing-issue and many more.

Price: ₹595 for 8g (Both the concealer and orange corrector cost the same)
Availability: You can buy it from Nykaa.

My Thoughts on LA Girl Concealers

Review of LA Girl Concealers in Medium Beige and Orange
My Thoughts on LA Girl Concealers

After having a terrible experience with the much-raved Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, I made peace with the fact that they’re not for me, that no concealer would be able to cover my dark undereye circles. Then LA Girl concealers launched in India and I thought of giving concealers a second chance. I don’t really believe in second chances but this time it worked!


The LA Girl concealers come in a transparent tube that has a brush dispenser. This brush moment here makes everything messy and results in a lot of product wastage. You don’t have much control over the amount of product that is dispensed through it. With concealers, I love the doe-foot applicators; you have a lot of control.

LA Girl Concealers Medium Beige Orange Corrector Packaging
LA Girl Concealers in Medium Beige & Orange | Packaging

Texture & Smell

The texture is creamy and it spreads evenly. However, the concealer sets pretty fast so it is advisable to blend as soon as you apply. Another point being, it will accentuate fine lines if you have dry skin so make sure to moisturize well. With oily skin, it works just fine. I love that it sets to a powder matte finish and doesn’t feel sticky or tacky at all.
The LA girl concealers don’t have any funny smell to them. They also don’t give flashback in photos.
Dry skin babes can use this guide to find their ideal concealer!


There are a total of 39 shades available so finding your match shouldn’t be difficult.

Swatches of LA Girl Concealers in Medium Beige Orange Corrector
LA Girl Concealers | Medium Beige and Orange Corrector Swatches

LA Girl Orange Corrector
The orange corrector is very pigmented and you should use the smallest amount of it. It cancels out the dark undereye circles so the concealer is able to hide them well without a grey cast. Also, if you have fair to medium skin tone, you should try the peach corrector instead of orange.

LA Girl Concealer in Medium Beige
The shade medium beige suits me perfectly. It’s a yellow-toned concealer that’d work great with medium skin tones, preferably NC40-NC42.


I always use both the corrector and concealer. For that,

  • I take a very small amount of LA Girl Orange corrector first and apply it around my eye contours and lids with fingers.
  • After that, I do a full face of foundation and then apply the Medium Beige concealer around my eyes with a blending brush or even my fingers.

These steps ensure that my dark circles are fully covered. If I don’t use the orange corrector, I notice a greyish cast because the dark circle situation here is not mild. And that’s the case with most of the brown girls. In such a situation, using a corrector is important or simply make a switch to full-coverage concealers.

Colour Correction with Orange Corrector
Step 1: Colour Correction with Orange Corrector

In the picture, I have used corrector and concealer but didn’t use foundation between the two steps so you can see a little bit of dark circle peeking through. But as I mentioned before, corrector+foundation+concealer will take care of those stubborn dark circles completely.

Demo of concealing with Medium Beige
Step 2: Concealing with Medium Beige

However, if you have deep acne scars, these won’t be able to hide them completely.

Staying Power

The concealer easily stays up to 6-7 hours without fading and with very, very less creasing. I always set it with powder. For reference, I have oily skin and oilier lids.


LA Girl concealers are very affordable and easily available in India. If you don’t have very deep dark circles, using just the concealer that matches you would be fine. But if you do, buy the corrector as well. Overall, they’re definitely one of the best medium coverage drugstore concealers available in India that come with a wide shade range too.

Why You Should Buy LA Girl Concealers?

  • Affordable
  • Easily available especially in India
  • Medium Coverage
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Doesn’t crease a lot
  • Better for combination or oily skin types

Why You Should Avoid LA Girl Concealers?

  • Messy Packaging
  • Not full-coverage
  • Accentuates dry areas

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LA Girl Concealers Review and Demo


  1. Anu says:

    I have oily skin, acen prone and dark circle with NC-40 to NC-42 shade. This post helped me to choose a concealer which suits best for me. Thanks.

    1. Really glad it worked for you, dear! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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