Beauty Trash January

Monthly Empties: What’s in My January Beauty Trash?

Beauty Trash – January 2019

Hey there! In today’s post, I’ll be taking you through all the beauty products I finished up in the month of January. All these empties from my beauty trash will have a mini-review which can help you decide whether a particular product is worth your time and money or not. Since I’m transitioning to a cruelty-free lifestyle when it comes to beauty products, I’ll have quite some products that I won’t repurchase because they’re tested on animals. 

Let’s get started with my monthly empties from January and see what all I went through.

Beauty Trash – Bodycare

Beauty Trash Bodycare
Beauty Trash Bodycare

1. Palmolive Thermal Spa Mineral Massage Shower Gel

Price: ₹180 for 250ml

Palmolive has always been a shower staple for many and I’m no different. Coming to this, I was and am attracted to the cool blue colour it has. So pleasing to the eyes! It has mild scrub beads which provide gentle exfoliation. The smell is very mild and doesn’t linger for too long (which I prefer). Doesn’t overdry skin but body lotion is still needed.

Would I Repurchase? No. I love to try different shower gels and Palmolive is not cruelty-free.

2. SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub

Price: ₹1795 for 220gm (I got a free sample!)

This sample gave me 2 uses (entire body both times) and I’m absolutely in love with the results I got. The scrub was gentle, smelled amazing and made my skin look so even-toned. Really great if you want to get rid of tanning.

It also left my skin REALLY soft afterwards. I felt like I came right out of an oil bath.

But here’s the catch, a full-size is too expensive for me and not something I can afford.

Would I Repurchase? No.

3. Aroma Magic Foot Cream

Price: ₹175 for 50g (Mine’s a 10g free sample)

Another sample-sized product I emptied this month. It’s a foot cream by Aroma Magic which I used mainly as a hand cream because the tube was so small and compact. It has a very “iodex balm” (a headache balm) like smell which I didn’t like. It is moisturizing but takes a lot of time to get absorbed. I’ve used this as foot cream as well but the situation is the same there.

Would I Repurchase? No.

Beauty Trash – Skincare

Beauty Trash Skincare
Beauty Trash Skincare

4. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel Pa+++ SPF – 50

Price: ₹315 for 50g

One of the best affordable sunscreens I’ve tried for people with oily skin. It has a very light gel-like consistency which spreads and absorbs easily, giving a matte finish.

Only con is when I splash water on my face or just wipe a little with wet hands, everything comes off.

Also, if you scratch lightly on the area near your brow, you can feel it coming off. In short, it sits on the face and is not water-resistant.

Would I Repurchase? Maybe. I have a few more sunscreens and I’m currently liking the one by Qurez which I received a few months ago in PR.

5. Qurez Aloe Vera and Cucumber Mist Toner Spray

Price: ₹260 for 50ml

I am not impressed with this face mist. While it is hydrating, it’s one of those mists that sit on top of your face when you go a bit overboard. And I don’t enjoy that feeling. Also, it smells very artificial. I’m happy that it’s gone but the sprayer is of very good quality so I’ll be holding on to the container and transferring my other face mists in it.

Would I Repurchase? No.

6. Patanjali Rose Water

Price: 25 for 120ml

Honestly, I’ve no idea how, why and when I got this. But there was some left so I added this to my DIY face & hair masks to finish it up. I don’t really care about this product but if you want some cheap rose water to add to your DIY masks you can try it.

Would I Repurchase? No.

7. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Price: 1200-1300 for 20ml

This has been my holy grail tea tree oil for the past two years for shrinking stubborn acne. But then I came across one by an Indie brand called Rey Naturals and now I don’t want to go back ever. I had a 20ml bottle and I don’t remember the price, neither can I find one online. So I’m estimating it to be somewhere around Rs 1200-1300 (double of the 10ml one)

Why I prefer Rey Naturals Tea Tree Oil Over The Body Shop?

  • Lighter in texture
  • Gets absorbed faster, TBS one didn’t.
  • Works faster on acne
  • Has better packaging (Comes with a dropper)
  • Available at one-third of the price

Rey Naturals Price: ₹360 for 15ml

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: ₹645 for 10ml

Beauty Trash Makeup
Beauty Trash Makeup

Beauty Trash – Makeup

8. L’Oréal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner

Price: $10

There’s still some left but I’m decluttering it. It’s very bad in terms of quality and if you want to read more, you can check out my Project Pan & Declutter post where I’ve mentioned about throwing it.

Would I Repurchase? No.

10. Prima Donna Cotton Pads

Price: ₹160 for 2 packs (200 pads)

I got a pack of two last year and I finished up one in August and mentioned in it August Empties post as well. One pack has 100 cotton pads and they’re pretty affordable and good quality. I don’t use cotton pads except for when I have to remove makeup. You can buy them from Amazon.

Would I Repurchase? Maybe. Currently using another pack of cotton pads from Miniso and they’re equally good with the same price tag.

Conclusion: January Beauty Trash

That brings us to an end of my January’s Beauty Trash which had a combination of all categories of beauty products. Spot any favourites? Let me know in the comments. You might not see any more empties blog post from the next month as I’ll be sticking to my Instagram for that. Make sure you follow me there if you like such empties post.

*Except for the Loreal liner and Palmolive shower gel, all the products in my beauty trash are cruelty-free.

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  1. Loved reading your empties. I too like the SkinYoga scrub but its damn expensive…

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