Welcome to my lifestyle and beauty blog. I am Rifat Yaseen, the person behind The Beauty Wonk.

I am an engineer by day and a beauty wonk by night, researching about ingredients and products, trying to know what's best for you.

What's here?

You'll see a variety of products from different origin, but being an Indian, I wish to showcase more cruelty-free upcoming Indian beauty brands that are doing some amazing work and bringing out organic and affordable products.

I am always open to suggestions and discovering new bloggers.

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The Beauty Wonk is all about a beauty enthusiast who is trying different things to see what works for her and giving her 2 cents to all the amazing readers.

I am also trying to switch to cruelty-free products that are sans any harmful ingredients, so if that's what interests you, read my blogs and we can try to achieve that together soon.

And I love cats! Isn't that enough for us to be friends? 😀

If it's not then let's chat and I'll make you a cat person too!

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Join me on my journey of trying to switch to ethical and healthy beauty alternatives and share some great and pocket-friendly beauty suggestions. 🙂