Elansa Nail Paints in Midnight Nude and Coffee Froth: Review & Swatches

Elansa Nail Paints Midnight Nude & Coffee Froth Review

Today’s review is on Elansa nail paints that I bought from Amazon after seeing it in one of my blogger friend’s story on Instagram. The colour was pretty and the packaging looked luxurious, and if that’s not enough to buy a nail paint then what is? Also, it was super affordable!

About the Brand

Elansa looks like a new brand in the market and I couldn’t find their site or Instagram handle. However, they do have a facebook page. When I was browsing Amazon, I discovered their range of essential oils as well but haven’t tried them yet.

Elansa Nail Paints Midnight Nude
Elansa Nail Paint | Midnight Nude

Price: ₹169 for 9ml

They are always on discount, I got Midnight Nude for ₹99 and Coffee Froth for ₹149.

My Thoughts on Elansa Nail Paints

The nail paints contain Avocado Oil that helps fight free radicals and protect cells from oxidizing. Also, they have Hydrating Lemon Peel Water, a great source of calcium and Vitamin C.

It is a 4 free Formula: Doesn’t contain added Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP or Camphor.

These are the major side-effects of these 4 ingredients:
Formaldehyde: Cause brittle nails
Camphor: Yellowing of nails
DBP: Interferes with hormone function
Toluene: Temporary effects- headache, dizziness. Serious effects: Reproductive Damage and Respiratory Problems.


The nail paints come in a transparent, rectangular glass bottle that has a golden cap. The packaging reminds me of high-end nail paints and was one of the main reasons why I bought these.

Elansa Nail Paint Coffee Froth
Elansa Nail Paint | Coffee Froth

Application & Staying Power

I use only 1 coat and that is enough to give a 100% opaque finish to my nails. The applicator is flexible and I swipe just twice to get my nails fully painted. They dry quickly and give a nice glossy shine.

It stays on my nails for 4-5 days without any chipping. The more household chores you do, the less would be the longevity of the nail paints. I do moderate work, there’s not a lot of dishes or laundry that I have to do daily. I am quite satisfied with its staying power.

Caution: When I keep the nail paint on for too long (a week or more), the centre of my nails start getting dry and peel slightly, after removing the nail paint. Once, I wash my hands and moisturize, it becomes normal in a few hours. So don’t keep your nail paints on for too long.


There is a HUGE range of colours available, from pastels to bright pinks. However, the shade names and the product pictures on Amazon just don’t match with the actual colour of the nail paints. Let’s talk about each shade individually and you’ll know what I mean.

Elansa Nail Paint Midnight Nude Swatch
Elansa Nail Paint in Midnight Nude | Swatch

Midnight Nude: Seeing this name, you’d expect it to be a neutral shade, right? Wrong! This one is a peachy-coral shade that has gorgeous golden shimmers in it. Pretty similar to Pantone Colour of the Year: Living Coral. But I still like the colour very much, so no regrets.

Coffee Froth: Sounds like another brown-based neutral? Nopity nope! It is actually a light blackcurrant shade that has something black dispersed all over it. The same way shimmers are there in nail paints; only in this one there are black particles and they’re not shimmery. This shade is very similar to Nykaa’s nail paint in Blackcurrant Gelato and I like Elansa’s more.

Elansa Nail Paint Coffee Froth Swatch
Elansa Nail Paint in Coffee Froth | Swatch

You can see in the pictures how beautifully the polishes have covered my nails in just 1 coat.

Why I prefer Elansa Coffee Froth over Nykaa Blackcurrant Gelato?

  • Elansa is cheaper. The difference is just of 30-40 bucks, though.
  • Better packaging.
  • Dries faster.
  • Only 1 coat is needed whereas I need 2 with Nykaa.


It’s been more than a month or two since I got them and the formula hasn’t become thick and gooey unlike most of the drugstore nail paints. The colours are pretty and they last a decent number of days. I would totally recommend you guys to give them a try! Buy them HERE from Amazon.

Why You Should Buy Elansa Nail Paints?

  • Very affordable
  • Easily available online
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan
  • Boujee packaging
  • Decent lasting power
  • Only 1 coat needed
  • Dries up quickly
  • 4-Free Formula

Why You Should Avoid Elansa Nail Paints?

  • No reason

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  1. The colors you selected are gorgeous and this seems like it will be a great polish to try. I’ll have to see if they sell this in the US too! I recently had to declutter most of my polishes because they went bad :/

    1. Thank you! I don’t think they’ll be there in the US. It’s a new Indian brand that’s establishing in the country, they have a long way to go for reaching the states, lol?

  2. This looks pretty nice. I recently saw the mirror nail polish variants of Clamy Cosmetics. I really loved it. Maybe you could tell me some more about it.

  3. […] and vegan range of nailpaints that have a boujee packaging. I have tried two shades from them: Coffee Froth & Midnight Nude and love them both to the bits. They have a good colour payoff with just one coat, high staying […]

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