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Colourpop Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

Colourpop Yes, Please! Eyeshadow Review

This highly-raved eyeshadow palette from Colourpop was my first ever eyeshadow palette that I introduced in my makeup collection as well as my first purchase from Colourpop. Colourpop Yes Please! Eyeshadow Palette is a warm-toned palette with buttery smooth shadows that are a mixture of both mattes and shimmers. Read on to know how these shadows perform, see a few looks that I created using this palette and whether it’s worth your next purchase.

Price: $16 for .03 oz (12×0.85g)

Availability: Colourpop’s website (They do ship to India). You can order from Instagram stores as well, text me to know the reliable ones.

My Thoughts on Colourpop Yes Please! Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette was launched as a limited edition last year but then they keep releasing it every now and then. The only thing is, they go out of stock in a jiffy so it’s not easy to get your hands on them.

Colourpop Yes Please Palette Review
Colourpop Yes Please Palette Review


The palette has a white-coloured cardboard packaging with magnetic pans. It doesn’t come with a mirror or a brush and the shade names are mentioned at the back. You get this palette inside a yellow cardboard box which mentions the name Colourpop Yes Please! Eyeshadow Palette but the actual palette has “Cute AF” written on it. Since the palette is white, it gets dirty quite easily.

Compared the size of the pan with ₹5 coin.

Texture & Smell

This palette has really soft and creamy eyeshadows including the matte ones. They blend seamlessly and don’t look patchy or powdery. All the shadows have very minor fallout except for one or two shades. Also, the metallic shades work great without damped brushes as well, they adhere to the eyes and blend well. None of them have any funny smell to them.

Colourpop Yes Please Palette Swatches
Colourpop Yes Please Palette Swatches

Eyeshadow Shades

The Colourpop Yes Please! Eyeshadow Palette has a total of 12 shades, out of which 8 are mattes and rest 4 are metallics. This palette is known to be a dupe of Natasha Denona Sunset Palette worth $129. I’ll take you through each and every shadow row-wise. (Left to Right)

Let’s start with the top row:

Colourpop Yes Please Palette Full Zip Big Cocktails Champs Bling

Colourpop Yes Please Palette Full Zip Big Cocktails Champs Bling Swatches

Full-Zip: Matte warm ivory.
This has a very creamy texture and opaque coverage. Use it for inner corners and brow bones or to set the eyelids.

Big Cocktails: Matte orange.
Works well on its own or to intensify the colours while creating sunset looks. Also a good crease shade.

Champs: Matte pale peachy nude.
Opaque peachy nude, again for brow bones and inner corners, set eyelids, or to clean up the mess. Can be used for blending when you’re doing pink/orange eye looks.

Bling: Metallic rust.
This is absolutely stunning! Colour intensity increases with damp brushes but works nicely on its own as well.

2nd row:

Colourpop Yes Please Palette Louie Butter Cake Spoiled Gno

Colourpop Yes Please Palette Louie Butter Cake Spoiled Gno Swatches

Louie: Metallic duo chrome red with a gold flip.
Looks lovely when applied all over the eyes and lower lash line. Very fresh and warm shade.

Butter Cake: Metallic pale yellow gold
This one’s a little powdery so I use it with a damp brush. It works amazing as a highlight for people with warm skin tones!

Spoiled: Matte brick red
Works well on its own, or on outer corners. Blendable and buildable.

Gno: Matte burnt orange
Works great on the crease or on its own. It’s up to you how you decide to use all these colours.

3rd row:

Colourpop Yes Please Palette Mischief Notetoself Chauffeur French KissColourpop Yes Please Palette Mischief Notetoself Chauffeur French Kiss Swatches

Mischief: Matte warm yellow
This is a bright yellow with warm undertones quite pigmented and a fun shade to play with this summer.

Note to Self: Matte warm caramel.
This is a medium brown shade, a good blending and transition shadow. Can be used to define crease as well for people with lighter eyelids. I use it all over my lids as it has a sheen to it. I mean it’s matte but it’s really soft and velvety and comes off as glowy.

Chauffeur: Metallic duo chrome bright orange with a gold flip. This colour screams sunset!

French Kiss: Matte medium chocolate brown
This is a deep, very pigmented dark brown colour having a matte finish. Use it on outer corners for some depth or create smokey eyes or just line your eyes with a push shadow brush. It’s slightly patchy.

Application & Staying Power

The shadows are absolutely creamy and easy to blend. I haven’t experienced much fallout with any of these, however, Butter Cake has a tendency to leave shimmers everywhere. The shadows stay in place for a good 7-8 hours with slight fading.

These are the two eyelooks I created using this palette but there are a lot more you can create with this beauty.

Eyelook 1:

Colourpop Yes Please Eyeshadow Eyelook

Mainly used Butter Cake in the inner one-third of eyes and French Kiss on the remaining portion. Rest were transitioning and defining crease with Note to Self and Spoiled. (Wearing coloured contacts here)

Eyelook 2:

Colourpop Yes Please Eyeshadow Look

  • Crease: Note to Self. Then mixed Note to Self with French Kiss to slightly intensify.
  • Outer corner: Used French Kiss just a little.
  • Inner corner: Butter Cake.
  • Lids: Bling all over the lids and Louie at the centre.
  • Lower Lashline: Bling in the inner third and Note to Self on the remaining portion.

Colourpop Yes Please Eyeshadow Tutorial

Conclusion of Colourpop Yes Please! Eyeshadow Palette

This is a really good palette, not just good for the price or good being a drugstore palette but good in general. It’s the kind of palette you’d buy even if it’s priced a bit higher with a bigger brand tag. All the shades remind you of that golden-hour glow and are so rich and warm. Most of the drugstore palettes always have a few duds but none of the shadows in this palette were disappointing at all. This is an excellent spring and summer palette but with those browns in the palette, you can create fall looks as well.

Why You Should Buy Colourpop Yes Please! Eyeshadow Palette?

  • Pigmented Shades
  • Stays for 8 hours
  • Affordable
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Beautiful colours
  • Versatile Palette

Why You Should Avoid Colourpop Yes Please! Eyeshadow Palette?

  • No reason at all! You should definitely buy this palette.

The availability of this palette might be an issue for some people as ordering directly from the site would get you into custom duty and Instagram sellers sell it at a slightly higher price. You can check out the review of this stunning Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palette that’s easily available in India.

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Eyeshadow Looks and Swatches of Colourpop Yes Please Pressed Powder Shadow


  1. I’m dying to get my hands onto this palette, specially for that matte yellow shade

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      Oh that one’s super gorgeous! It is a perfect summer palette?

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  4. omg this looks amazing! I have tried a single eyeshadow from colourpop before and I loved it! It is just expensive for shipping sometimes:( I am in love with the matte red/orange colours, they look beautiful. Great post/ review!! x

    1. Yes they’re really good! And yes it does get a little expensive for international orders with all the taxes, I ask people flying from there to get it for me.
      Thank you! Xx

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