Colourpop Frick N Frack Lipstick Review

Colourpop Frick N’ Frack Lipstick Review & Swatches

Colourpop Frick N’ Frack Review

Hey there! A few months ago, I indulged in a small Colourpop shopping spree and one of the things I bought was Colourpop Ultra Satin lipstick in Frick N’ Frack. Do you dislike drying-matte liquid lipsticks but love how convenient their application is? Because that’s the exact reason why I explored Colourpop’s ultra satin range. They have high pigmentation and a satin-matte finish that keeps your lips comfortable throughout the day. I’ll be reviewing this lipstick with some swatches so you know if this is the right shade for you.

Price: $6.50 for 3.2g. I paid INR 483 for this! Isn’t that such a great deal?

Colourpop Frick N Frack Lipstick
Colourpop Frick N Frack Lipstick

Availability: Available on and for my Indian readers, a lot of Instagram sellers have them (prices will be slightly more) and you can DM me on Instagram to know of a few trustworthy sellers.

My Thoughts on Colourpop Frick N’ Frack Lipstick

As I’ve said before, I prefer demi-matte lipsticks or the matte ones that aren’t too drying and this Colourpop lipstick just provides that. It’s uber comfortable, provides an opaque finish and is one of the prettiest shades in my collection. The Colourpop Ultra Satin lipsticks come in 23 shades and there’s a colour for everyone. I love the brand and I don’t think it can disappoint you ever. Also, it’s cruelty-free!


The lipstick has a sleek, transparent tube with doe foot applicator that has a silver top. The packaging is pretty much like their Ultra Matte range. The shade name is mentioned at the bottom and the lipstick comes in a baby pink outer cardboard. However, I think everyone gets a different outer packaging even with the same product.

Colourpop Frick N Frack Lipstick Packaging
Colourpop Frick N Frack Lipstick Packaging

Texture & Smell

The texture is very runny, liquid-y and that makes the application easy. The formula is lightweight but has very intense pigmentation. Due to its satin finish, the lipstick is not transfer-proof. It gets transferred easily everywhere which isn’t a big problem for me because I know how to deal with that.
An easy tip to make lipstick transfer-proof:

Keep a tissue paper on your lips and apply loose powder over it. Reapply the lipstick lightly to get the pigmentation back and blot again. This reduces transfer to quite an extent.

The lipstick has a slight vanilla-like sweet smell to it but it’s not too overpowering for my taste. I don’t enjoy lipsticks that have a strong fragrance and this one works just fine.

Application & Staying Power

Since the texture is pretty runny, it glides on very smoothly on the lips and sets to a satin-finish. There is still slight stickiness/ tackiness when you press your lips but it’s not uncomfortable. It doesn’t settle into lip lines and stay pretty long. If you have chapped lips, make sure to exfoliate them and apply a lip balm beforehand. It looks all crumbly on chapped, peeling lips.

Colourpop Frick N Frack Lipstick Applicator
Colourpop Frick N Frack Lipstick Applicator

I wore it to my Christmas dinner and had soup, garlic bread, pizza, brownie and sangria (Don’t judge me you’re allowed to eat extra on Christmas!). And the lipstick survived it all! Obviously, it didn’t look as fresh as when you just apply it but it left a very prominent stain on my lips. So, longevity is spot on here! It can easily go through 7-8 hours but by the end of the day, your lips start to feel slightly dry. It gives you that feeling of having matte lipstick on but it’s not overdrying.

Pigmentation & Shade

Colourpop Frick N Frack Lipstick Swatch
Colourpop Frick N Frack Lipstick Swatch

The lipstick is very pigmented and one swipe is enough. Sometimes I just take a little amount and *dab dab dab* on my lips. Looks so gorgeous and perfect for work/college. The colour is a gorgeous muted, dark rosy-terracotta shade with hints of plum and warm undertones. It’s one of those shades that will look great on everyone irrespective of their skin tone. Applying just this lipstick with no makeup will make you look fresh and made up, it is just that beautiful and refreshing.

It looks like a dark plum shade on lighter skin tone, gorgeous rosy plum on medium skin tones like mine and a perfect rosy-terracotta nude on people with darker skin tone.

Colourpop Frick N Frack Lip Swatch
Colourpop Frick N Frack Lip Swatch

This Colourpop Frick N Frack lipstick is an affordable & cruelty-free alternative to high-end lipsticks like MAC Mamastarrr ($18.50), Pat McGrath Luxetrance Lipstick ($38) and Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Lipstick C108 ($22).

Colourpop Frick N’ Frack: Conclusion

I am in love with this Colourpop Frick N Frack lipstick; the shade, the formula, staying power and the pretty packaging. As I mentioned, it’s not transfer proof but that’s not a huge concern for me. I’d rather have a lipstick stain on my cup than keep cringing in pain with ultra dry lippies on.

Why You Should Buy Colourpop Frick N’ Frack Lipstick?

  • Affordable
  • Sleek Packaging
  • Easy Application
  • Excellent Staying Power
  • Cruelty-free
  • High pigmentation
  • Colour suits all skin tones
  • Feels comfortable on lips
  • Semi-matte finish

Why You Should Avoid Colourpop Frick N’ Frack Lipstick?

  • Isn’t transfer-proof

While I find Colourpop’s lipsticks absolutely amazing, it’s not easy or cheap to get your hands on them in India. So for those who are looking for cheaper yet intensely pigmented lipsticks, Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks are what you need! They cost less than INR 300 and are easily available online.

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Review of Colourpop Ultra Satin lipstick in frick n frack


  1. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this brand before! Looks beautiful ? and.. your photography is fantastic! ❤️

    Ashleigh x

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      You should definitely try something from them. They have really affordable makeup and “allegedly” are the ones who manufacture Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand products too 🙂

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  3. I didn’t tried ulta satin range yet but may be un coming future. You reviewed it so thoroughly??

    1. Rifat Yaseen says:

      Thank you so much! Waiting for you to try and review it soon 🙂

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