Colourpop Swerve Creme Gel Liner Review and Swatches

Colourpop Creme Gel Liner Swerve | Review & Swatches

Colourpop Swerve Creme Gel Liner

If you’re a regular reader, you must know how obsessed I am with Colourpop! None of their products has disappointed me so far and today I’m back with another Colourpop treasure I discovered some months ago. Are you looking for a soft black eye pencil that doesn’t poke your eyes? Or something that suits your sensitive, watery eyes? Then Colourpop creme gel liner in swerve is what you need in life! It’s buttery smooth and glides on easily without any tugging.

Price: $5.50 for 0.2g

Availability: You can buy it directly from their website.

Product Description: Crème Gel Liner Colour glides on smoothly for comfortable application in the waterline. The creamy formula makes blending super easy and the formula dries down for long-lasting wear.

My Thoughts On Colourpop Creme Gel Liner – Swerve

Packaging of Colourpop Swerve Gel Liner
Colourpop Swerve Creme Gel Liner

I don’t wear pencil liners often but needed one that I could use for tightlining (applying liner to upper and lower waterline). All the kajals/liners that I’ve used so far made my eyes watery or weren’t soft enough. But this gel liner turned out to be an amazing option!


The swerve creme gel liner comes in a sleek, white pencil packaging which makes it travel-friendly and compact. You can just drop it in your purse and go on about your life. The pencil is retractable and can be easily twisted up and down, unlike their Precision Brow pencil that gave me a hard time with its mechanism. The end of the pencil is colour coded, in this case, it’s black and product name is mentioned in holographic letters. The pencil comes in a black cardboard box with the shade name mentioned at the bottom.


The colourpop creme gel liner pencils are available in a whopping 30 shades, from neutral to neons and pastels. They even have different finishes like matte and metallic.  Now I regret getting just a basic black shade! The shade “Swerve” is an onyx black which means the colour is very similar to the stone onyx and is not pure or the darkest black.

Swatches of Colourpop Swerve Creme Gel Liner

Texture & Smell

The eye pencil is creamy and glides on without any tugging. It feels very soft and won’t poke your waterline. It’s the softest eye pencil that I’ve tried so far and I do not want to go back! There’s no funny smell to it.


Since the gel liner is extremely soft, it breaks when you put even a little pressure or take out a lot of product at once. So you have to be very careful about that. I used the swerve gel liner as both kajal (on lower lashline) and an eyeliner. It wasn’t very easy to get precision with a pencil on lids. I am used to liquid liners like the Essence liquid eyeliner that don’t require effort while drawing a wing with precision. Some people are more comfortable with pencil liners so it’s a matter of personal taste as well as skills.

Colourpop Creme Gel Liner Swerve Eyelook
Colourpop Creme Gel Liner | Swerve Eyelook

When I applied this creme gel liner on my waterline, it didn’t sting at all or tear me up. This happens with very few eye pencils since I have watery eyes. Right after applying the gel liner, you can smudge it for a smokey eye look otherwise it sets in a few minutes and is almost smudge-proof post that. It can be easily removed with micellar water or makeup remover, I use Garnier Micellar Water for the same.

Staying Power

On the lower waterline (the area between lashline and eyeballs), the liner disappeared within 5 hours but stayed intact on the lower lash line (where you have lashes). If you have oily skin, this will transfer slightly from your lower lash line to the undereye area after 5-6 hours but will stay throughout the day. Hence, make sure you set that area with powder. When used as an eyeliner on lids, it stayed for a solid 7-8 hours with little to no smudging, again set it with some powder.

Colourpop Swerve Creme Gel Liner
Colourpop Swerve Creme Gel Liner


Why You Should Buy Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Swerve?

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Affordable
  • Glides without tugging
  • Doesn’t poke eyes
  • Suitable for sensitive and watery eyes
  • Good staying power
  • Very pigmented

Why You Should Avoid Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Swerve?

  • Accessibility is an issue for Indians
  • Really soft so prone to breakage

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