Affordable Eye Brushes Wet N Wild

Affordable Eyeshadow Brushes From Wet N Wild

Hello there! Recently I talked about my favourite affordable face brushes in a blog post and it was very much appreciated by you all so I thought of doing another brush-post talking about my beloved Wet n Wild eyeshadow brushes this time.

Best Part: These are even more affordable and cruelty-free!

I’ll be taking you through these brushes and talk about what I use each of these for and lastly which amongst them do I suggest to you guys, so let’s jump to the review.

Wet n Wild Eye Brushes Review

Availability: They’re only available online on Nykaa, Flipkart and Myntra. They might be available in one of the Nykaa’s store but yes offline availability is an issue.

I bought one of them from Nykaa and the rest from the brand’s website.

The crease brush tends to go out of stock all the time so buy it as soon as you find it in stock.


The brushes come in a white handle and have white bristles with their ends in pink. They looked really beautiful when I got them but with white brushes, the problem is that their beauty doesn’t last much longer.

You can see in the pictures how they look and I clicked the pictures after thoroughly washing them. But the positive part about having white brushes is that you can see that they’re dirty and will clean them regularly unlike those brown brushes.

Affordable Eyeshadow Brushes Wet N Wild
Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Brushes | Packaging

Great from hygiene POV! These brushes aren’t very heavy but not dirt-cheap-lightweight either. All the brushes have a cavity that gives a better grip while holding them.

1. Wet n Wild Crease Brush

Price: ₹145

Starting with one of the most important eyeshadow brushes without which your eye makeup is incomplete: the Crease Brush. This is something you need to have in your collection if you like your makeup all nicely blended. And if you don’t then we need to have a chat sister! Blending. Is. Important.

Wet n Wild Crease Brush
Wet n Wild Crease Brush

Coming to the brush, it is really soft and helps to blend my eyeshadows really well. Though I do wish it’d have been denser, like the Real Techniques Crease Brush. It doesn’t hold a lot of eyeshadow which is a plus point for beginners, that way they can keep building up the colours gradually.

The size of the brush is perfect to fit in your socket and blend colour properly for people with smaller eyes too. Given the price point, this drugstore treasure is enough to keep your eye makeup well-blended.

2. Wet n Wild Small Eyeshadow Brush

Price: ₹145

This is a densely packed, dome-shaped flat brush that I use mainly to place colour on my lids. With shimmery shades, I feel fingers are the best as they deposit maximum pigment. But when I have to pack a matte shade, this one is helpful.

Wet n Wild Small Eyeshadow Brush
Wet n Wild Small Eyeshadow Brush

The bristles are not helping my OCD! THEY ARE NOT EVEN!

If you’re one of the cut-crease buffs then this is something you definitely need to “cut the crease”. Also, it’s great when you need to press loose pigments on your lids.

I do feel this one isn’t a must-have since I use fingers mainly to deposit colours and not very experimental with cut creases and loose pigments. However, this comes handy when I need to clean the mess I create around my eyes with concealer.

3. Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush

Price: ₹145

Okay! So I have 2 large eyeshadow brushes and they both look different. I got one from Nykaa when Wet n Wild was launched in December last year and another one from their US site. The Nykaa one is a lot more fluffy.

These are the most basic eyeshadow brush, and it is good for almost everything!

Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush
Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush

The less fluffy one works for strategic placement of shadow on lids and browbone.

You can also use it to blend the shadows a bit while placing them. I use these to apply concealer as well, places the product nicely and you have the option of patting the concealer as well as buffing it.

The fluffier brush (the one from Nykaa) works well to place shadow across the eye as well as for blending the shadows. You can pat this brush to place a higher concentration of shadow or sweep for a lighter wash of colour.

Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush
Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush (Nykaa)

I’d consider the large eyeshadow brush as a hybrid of crease brush and small eyeshadow brush since it serves the purpose of both the brushes effectively.

I use them both (whichever is clean at the moment) to highlight the bridge of the nose and to set my concealer on lids as well as the eye contour.

If I had to choose between the two, I’d pick the Nykaa one. Being quite fluffy, it helps in blending the shadows and I don’t have to reach out to my crease brush, especially if the look is simple.

This one is a multi-tasker!


While I do love using all these eyeshadow brushes as they’re of really good quality, the brushes I reach out for the most is the Crease Brush and Large Eyeshadow Brush (Nykaa one). These are what I’d recommend to all of you, especially if you’re someone just starting out with makeup and aim for a capsule makeup stash or don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket.

Why you should buy these brushes?

  • Really soft brushes
  • Affordable brushes without any compromise in the quality
  • No shedding of bristles even after a year
  • Offers good grip due to the dent
  • Cruelty-free

What are the cons?

  • Offline Availability (for people who don’t prefer online shopping)
  • The bristles get muddy

If you’re looking for affordable face brushes then check my review on these brushes that offer the best quality HERE.

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Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Brushes Review


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