Beginner friendly makeup look for parties

Hello! Welcome to my makeup, beauty and lifestyle blog. This Rifat Yasin, the person behind The Beauty Wonk, an engineering graduate who loves cats, makeup & french fries. I live in India and don't enjoy travelling. I absolutely adore beauty products and drugstore is where my heart is!

Through The Beauty Wonk, I aspire to influence and educate people about affordable & cruelty-free products because beauty shouldn't hurt anyone. I try to put out honest, unbiased reviews about products and include more pictures so you have a better idea of how a product is.

Follow me on my journey to find the best makeup and skincare products that work, beauty tricks that make life easier with a pinch of minimalism.

The Beauty Wonk is all about a beauty enthusiast who is trying different products to see what works for her and giving her 2 cents to all the amazing readers.

All the opinions given in this corner are unbiased and focussed on cruelty-free beauty. But you will find bits of non-CF products too since I'm in the transition phase. My recent obsession is leading a minimalist life (I'm a hoarder) so you can go through Lifestyle to get an idea of my progress.

And I love cats! Isn't that enough for us to be friends? 😀 If not then let's chat and I'll make you a cat person too!

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Join me on my journey of trying to switch to ethical beauty alternatives and share some great and pocket-friendly suggestions. 🙂